Ric Rehmann

Ric, along with his brother, Rob, and sister-in-law, Nancy, has co-owned Ed Rehmann and Sons since 1986. His three plus decades as an owner is on top of the already 20 years he spent learning from his grandfather, Ed, and Ed's sons, Don, Rich, Ric's father, and Al. When asked why his 98-year-old family-owned store continues to thrive, Ric cites what his grandfather taught him: “Quality. Service. Dependability. They are the three most important words we can offer each of our customers.”


Rob and Nancy Rehmann

Rob and Nancy, along with Rob’s brother, Ric, bought Ed Rehmann and Sons in 1986 from Rob’s father, Rich, and his two uncles, Don and Al. Along with Ric, they have shepherded “The Store” into a local mainstay, despite Michigan enduring some of its toughest economic times. When asked what his grandfather would think of their store, Rob says “I believe he would be proud. What we have done is hard but also simple: we just attempt to get up each day to fulfill our grandparents' dream and continue it as a reality." Rob and Nancy also are proud parents of two children, Rachel and Marc. Almost weekly Nancy can be seen posting testimonials on Facebook about her two grandchildren, Ben and Drew.